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Clint gets himself into a doggy pile of trouble and its up to the Avenger’s to figure out how to change him back to normal

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so renner hadn’t been cast yet when clark gregg filmed coulson’s one and only interaction with hawkeye.

On ther other hand, we got Clark Gregg saying he was excited to hear the Renner got the role b/c he’s an actor “whose work I really enjoy”. Fanboy much Clark? :P

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Could you pleaseeee draw steve parading around with an American flag on July 4th :)



hahaa all his friends are dead 


kehinki but what about his new ones



Avenger Pet Shop Sticker by Pikatoro
9 (manly hugs) Thor and Avengers (+ Phil if you like)


Phil’s feet weren’t touching the ground, and with a man of Thor’s size it really wasn’t surprising at all. It was a nice gesture, the god’s hug, and Phil could admit that maybe he needed a hug like this after the day he was having. 

Though it was getting hard to breathe, and Phil thinks that’s something he should worry about. 

Thor eventually put him down and offered Phil a beaming smile. “The Lady Sif had told me news of your survival, and I was happy then, but I am much happier now. You have been missed Son of Coul.”

Phil’s cheeks were heated and he was glad that the only other person to witness their reunion was Melinda. She would give him crap about it for weeks, but at least she wouldn’t say anything to the rest of the team. 

Plus Phil had seen the blatant way Melinda had ogled Thor when he had landed, there was no way Phil would ever let her forget that as well. 

"It’s good to see you as well Thor. I hear you are here to pick up something left behind from the battle in London?" Thor grimaces and the odd large wooden box behind him roars ominously. 

"It would seem that a creature from one of the other realms had escaped onto Earth during the battle. It was living in the sewers," Thor makes a pained face and Phil makes a note to ask about the story when Thor is a little drunk sometime. Possibly tonight, Phil could use a drink or several. "It was… unpleasant."

Phil’s response of “welcome to my world,” was cut off by the sound of Skye’s loud gasp followed by Simmons’ appreciative whistle. 

Well, perhaps the whole team could use a few drinks. 





at disneyland there’s this thor meet and greet thing and he does this whole spiel about how there’s only ONE WHO CAN PICK UP MJOLNIR and he challenged ANYONE IN THE CROWD TO MAKE AN ATTEMPT and then there was this little boy dressed up like thor and so thor was like, “WHO BETTER TO TRY THAN MYSELF?? GREETINGS, LITTLE THOR, MY NAME IS THOR, WOULD YOU CARE TO DO THE HONORS??” and it was so goddamn cute holy shit  

What happened?  Did the kid pick it up?

he couldnt pick it up at first but then thor was like “ALLOW ME TO ASSIST YOU, LITTLE ONE” and they both grabbed the handle and picked it up together

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C/C broken


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

"I’m just tired of looking at the same old skyline," Clint said, spreading his still bandaged wings. Not nearly as bandaged as before, but there was still white webs that stood against the black of Clint’s wings.  He still wasn’t up to flying, but the bruises had faded and his ribs were doing far better. 

"I don’t think its a good idea," Phil said.  They were safer here.  Clint had the top floor and Phil took the basement to sleep in.  The ground floor was now filled with Natasha’s web.

Clint sighed, wrapping one of his wings around him and grabbing the misting bottle to start spraying his wings. 

"Didn’t you just clean your wings?" Phil asked, because he swore Clint had and Phil was getting kind of worried about how often Clint was preening as Natasha called it.

Clint went very still behind his wing.  When he did speak, it was a low.  ”Well what else am I supposed to do, Phil?”

"Read?" Phil suggested, holding up a book.

"I’m tired of reading, I want to go out," Clint said, folding his wings around his back, before he stood and walked out of the room.

Phil sighed, staring after him.  He became aware of a slight shift in the room that he was learning to recognize as Natasha arriving.  ”What do you think we should do?”

"Probably we should let him go out, let his other friends see that he lives," Natasha said.  "I do not think they believe me."

"I thought you were his friend," Phil said.

"I am one of many, you’ve fallen for a…" Natasha’s head snapped in one direction, eyes widen.  Her face full of indignation and fury.  She scurried, losing the shape of human and becoming part spider.  Phil had seen it before, when Natasha needed to reapply bandages. This Natasha was on the warpath and if Natasha felt threatened, well, Phil wasn’t going to let her face any danger by herself.  Phil followed after her, leaping the rail, grateful that he’d gotten Natasha to leave her webs away from the inner circular staircase.  Phil had no way of knowing which way Natasha had gone, he headed for the nearest exits and planned to do a lab around the building.  

He didn’t have too go far, around one corner. He saw the man that looked far too calm in the face of Natasha’s rage and it took Phil a while to realize that she was angry about the destruction of her web.  Well, Phil could understand that. It had taken Natasha a while to decorate her floor to her liking.

"Are you done now," the man said when Natasha had paused for breathe.  "I’m here to see Clint."

"You could have asked."

"I could have, I chose not too," the man said.

"I should destroy you," Natasha said.

"Go ahead and try," the man replied.  "You’d be playing with fire, and your kind doesn’t like fire."

"I don’t mind fire," Phil moving to stand next to Natasha, because he heard the threat.

The man stared at Phil.  ”Ah, you’ve aligned yourself with a vampire.” The man sniffed.  ”One of Fury’s lot, if I’m not mistaken. Well, even vampires have their weaknesses.”

"And if you hurt him, you’ll go to war with Fury," Natasha replied.

"Dance magic, dance. Dance magic, dance,” suddenly came from the direction of the man.

The man blinked.  ”Excuse me.”  He pulled out a phone.  ”Bruce! What’d you and Goliath find?… Excellent.”

"Bruce?" Phil mouthed to Natasha.

"Trickster!" Natasha growled, brushing past Phil to go back inside.

The man laughed, “Best watch out, the spider is angry.  I’ll be up in a few.”

"Who the hell are you?" Phil growled.

"You can call me Tony and I’ll be happy to speak to you further," Tony said, rolling his shoulders as giant leathery wings sprouted out from his back.  They pumped a few times, lifting the man into the air.  Phil turned, running inside, and back up the stairs to find that Clint’s space had been invaded by others.

Natasha was at the top of the steps glaring at them all, but Clint seemed happy as he moved about the kitchen, trying to play host, while a blond man was trying to guide him back to sit and a dark haired man was trying to get a closer look at Clint’s wings.

"Who the hell are these people?" Phil asked.

"Clint’s friends," Natasha said, watching them all. She indicated the two trailing after Clint. "Steve the Selkie, Bruce the Minotaur."  

"How’d they get up here?" Phil asked.

"The gargoyle Thor," Natasha said, pointing to an even larger blond that was standing next to Tony.  The room felt smaller than it had before, Phil wondered if it was because it was fuller or if it was just Tony, there was something unnerving about the man.

"Well, we were thinking of inviting them," Phil pointed out.

"I wouldn’t have invited Tony," Natasha said, shuddering softly. Phil blinked as he realized just how clear his run to the stairs had been almost as if someone had sent a fireball through it. So Tony was a creature of fire, well, Phil was unafraid of him and all the others that had invaded Clint’s aerie. 




Because Disco Avengers were clearly a thing the world needed.

//you forgot one;


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You think you have won! What is light without dark? What are you without me? I am a part of you all. You can never defeat me.

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[11.25.12] Chris Hemsworth w/ Baby India

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HALLOWEEN! Avengers+Coulson+Hill+LOKI AND FURY


HALLOWEEN! Avengers+Coulson+Hill+LOKI AND FURY

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I’m sick.
That is my only excuse.


I’m sick.

That is my only excuse.






#well that’s the role of a lifetime if i ever saw one

Am I the only one thinking that if he’s coming from Charing Cross, Thor’s gonna have to change at least twice; once at Embankment to get on the Circle or District line, then again at Tower Hill to get the DLR at Tower Gateway to Lewisham. OR if he’s going to North Greenwich he has to change at Waterloo for the Jubilee line.

And all this without an Oyster Card? Good luck mate.

aka the reason I laugh when I watch this trailer


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